Here are just a few of the books that I've read over the years. If you want to maximize your traffic or profits for your website, then use the list below as STARTING place. :-)

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

Title: Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

Author: Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd

Excerpt: Never before in the history of advertising has it been possible to spend five bucks, write a couple of ads and get instant access to more than 100 million people in 10 minutes. But that's exactly what Google AdWords does. It's an awesome concept-but you can lose a bundle if you don't know how it works.

Rating by Chris: This is one of those "Ah-hah!" books. It's an absolute must if you are even thinking about entering into the online marketing world. I enjoyed reading this as each chapter just brought it all together more and more.

Link: Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

Duct Tape Marketing

Title: Duct Tape Marketing: The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide

Author: John Jantsch

Exerpt: Duct Tape Marketing is the small business marketing road map - A collection of proven tools and tactics woven together in a step-by-step marketing system that shows small business owners exactly what to do to market and grow their businesses.

Rating by Chris: Wow... just wow. I changed my own marketing methodologies within a week of reading this for immediate results. This book is so good, I give it out to our Web Pro customers.

Link: Duct Tape Marketing: The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide

No BS Direct Marketing

Title: No B.S. Direct Marketing: The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners Direct Marketing for Non-direct Marketing Businesses

Author: Dan Kennedy

Exerpt: Go behind the scenes and cash in on the undisclosed, off-the-record strategies of today's top direct marketers. These high-profile techniques can be applied to your non-direct marketing business with amazing results and direct marketing guru Dan Kennedy can take you there.

Rating by Chris: All of my employees read this BEFORE they design even one website... enough said.

Link: No B.S. Direct Marketing